translated from Spanish: Trump claimed it «certainly looks» that Iran is following the attack on Saudi refineries

US President Donald Trump said on Monday that it «certainly looks» that Iran is responsible for last Saturday’s drone strikes on two Saudi refineries that forced to cripple half of daily production of the country’s crude. Well, it seems so,» Trump said, questioning whether Iran was responsible for the attacks, though he has noted below that they are still waiting for a definite confirmation to demonstrate this implication.» We’ll let you know when we know for sure. Right now it’s being checked,» he added. «We think we know who it was. It seems that most likely it was Iran,» he said. Meanwhile, U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper has had a telephone conversation with Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman, in which he has assured him that Washington is already studying all available response options, reports Saudi news agency SPA. Esper has moved Bin Salman’s «absolute support» to Saudi Arabia.Also Republican spokesman in the Us Senate, Mitch McConnell, has held Iran responsible for the attack and called for an international response.» I hope that our international allies will join us in imposing consequences on Iran for this reckless and destabilizing attack,» he said in parliamentary session.

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