translated from Spanish: Video shows Navila with defendant heading to fifth where she was killed

The Justice of Chascomús analyzed several images taken by security cameras of that city in which the passage of The Nestor Garay motorcycle is seen as it allegedly carried the teenager Navila Garay towards the housequinta where she was murdered of 17 sledgehammers on her head. At the same time, he said that the girl was not yet proven to have been the victim of sexual abuse and confirmed that Navila and the detainee had known each other for some time and that in the last month «there was close communication between the two.» The first image was recorded by a camera located in Perón y Dolores, where you can see the passage of the red motorbike of the accused in a north-south direction towards Costanera Avenue.

A second pass was recorded by roundabout of Avenida Costanera and Artigas, from west to east, where you can see two people aboard the motorbike heading towards the Parque neighborhood.Meanwhile, a third image takes the step of the rode along Costanera Avenue and Chavez Street and its i i to that neighborhood at 18.27 on Tuesday, September 10, when Navila disappeared. Navila (15) was missing from September 10 and her body was found last Sunday in a housefifth in Mercedes 707 in Chascomús, where Garay worked as a gardener. The prosecutor in charge of the investigation, Daniela Bertoletti, said in C5N that while she has not yet established the motive for the crime, she believes that «an argument or something that motivates a backlash» must have occurred between them. Garay was arrested after the body was found and yesterday refused to testify in the case in which he is accused of «femicide.» In this note:

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