translated from Spanish: Chadwick on Alleged OAS contribution to Bachelet’s campaign: «We don’t have a background»

Minutes before interior minister Andrés Chadwick moved to Santiago Cathedral to participate in a new ecumenical Te Deum, he referred to the alleged financing that the Brazilian company OAS would have given to the campaign and Michelle Bachelet in 2013. «We pointed it out and I said it yesterday, we don’t have the record, except for what’s been in the press. Let’s hope the institutions work, which is the best way to address these situations with transparency and truth,» he said. On the other hand, he hopes the investigation will «be able to give us soon lights about this situation.» Asked whether the tender was made in order, taking into account the practices of coimas that AOS executed to finance campaigns in Latin America, the minister insisted that «in the case of the government of President Piñera, I can assure it in absolute terms. So we are more than interested and encouraging that research can be done,» he said. In doing so, he added, «you don’t have to deflect the issues, because the point says it relates to an eventual transfer of resources in the campaign. Obviously the D.A.’s got to ask for all that information. That award was made in President Piñera’s first government and obviously that we have the best willingness and interest in having it clarified and thoroughly investigated,» he concluded.

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