translated from Spanish: Copa Argentina: Talleres defeated Banfield on penalties and got into eighth slam

In less than four days, Workshops and Banfield saw each other faces and different tournaments. In the Super Liga, the «T» hit Falcioni’s outfit hard with a 1-0 win, which left the Drill in the relegation zone even though there are still many dates left by the end of the tournament, tonight, the record was going to be the same , but with another result. On the court of Newell’s they crossed the Copa Argentina, with the chance to enter the top 16 of the tournament. In a match with little emotion, it seemed that the southern team had the encounter in their favor when in the 40th minute of the first half the defender Juan Cruz Komar saw the red.
The second ethpaa had parity on the pitch with the expulsion of Luciano Lollo and the match was led to the points of the penalty, where the aim played in favor of Talleres. With 100% efficiency and the match 3 to 3, Vittor threw his shot over the crossbar and in the next penalty, Conde stopped herrera’s shot. You had to reach the series one shot in one shot to meet the winner and who failed was the youthful Urzi, crashing the ball into the crossbar. With the table served, Gómez did not fail and put the Cordoba team in a new stage of the Copa Argentina, where he will look to get in the top eight against Almagro, who comes from giving the batacazo against Boca.

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