translated from Spanish: Mutual Relief Society: denounce the dismissal of 20 workers

The Association of Health Workers (ATSA) denounced the dismissal of 20 workers from the Society of Mutual Reliefs, an institution that provides health services in Lavalle Street of the City of Mendoza. On Wednesday, there will be a union meeting for the decision to be reassessed. It is that, as they explained from ATSA, among the workers who were left unemployed there are people over 50 years old and more than 20 years old. «It’s a very great anguish. That’s why we’re going to fight so that they can be reinstated or negotiated on scheduled suspensions that are within the law,» ATSA Secretary General Patricia Irrutia told the newspaper. Let’s ask us all to think about how we do and not be left, just off the work circuit, older colleagues who won’t be able to get a job. It’s not the same as me working at the Scarabelli (Hospital) and the clinic and getting kicked out, to get kicked out and my only job is that of the clinic, it’s not the same,» said the ATSA headline. Irrutia clarified that he doesn’t want «to get the ones who have two jobs kicked out, if they have them, it’s because they need them when pay and inflation shattered your salary. Let’s ask that we look after the sources of work that only gain, inside that institution, 20 thousand pesos.» In this note:
mutual relief

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