translated from Spanish: Recula Humberto González, returns to the PRD

Morelia, Michoacán.- Amid a repeated speech of false congruence, The MP Humberto González Villagómez returned to his political institute and original parliamentary fraction, the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), after in mid-February, announced with municipal presidents, members of the Committee, local deputies and the leader of the National Alternative (ADN) current, Carlos Torres Piña, his departure from the Perredista party.
After seven months of declaring himself an indpendiete within the Congress of Michoacán, today Humberto González recultivated and announced his return, sheltered by his colleagues, Antonio Soto Sánchez, Octavio Ocampo Córdoba and Araceli Saucedo Reyes, and by the president of the PRD, Juan Bernardo Corona Martínez.
In a media meeting, the legislature ruled out particular interests from his departure from the PRD and subsequently his departure from parliamentary representation.
He also ruled out a break with DNA, as long as the good of the Michoacans is put before it, however he acknowledged that there was no coincidence in some subjects with Torres Piña, possible reason for his return to the PRD.
Juan Bernardo Corona called González Villagómez’s decision an “act of congruence”.
“In the PRD there will always be women and men who fight for a fairer Mexico and for a better Michoacán Michoacán, Humberto is a congrunte man.”
Thus, the pieces are moving again in the Local Congress, and the Institutional Revolutionary shares with the PRI the third political force within the Parliament, as both benches have five Members.

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