translated from Spanish: Sleep badly: the effects of poor eating this 18

Insomnia, light sleep from alcohol and awakenings from gastric problems are some of the consequences that can lead to poor diet, generating an unrepairful sleep.
In this regard, the nutritionist of Clínica Somno, Bárbara Febres, explains that «it is not a question of depriving yourself of all foods, but rather incorporating and complementing the diet with other options that allow us to generate a balance and have a good time without neglecting health and quality of sleep.»
Among the recommendations given by the specialist is to avoid the high consumption of meats, fats, frying, sausages and carbohydrates, in this way acidity and gastroesophageal reflux could be prevented. It also maintains that irritating foods such as chili pepper, pebre, soft drinks or sugar-prepared drinks cause an unrepairable sleep, so we should try not to overconsume them.
From the specialist center in sleep medicine, they provide some suggestions to rest and enjoy healthy this 18:
Set your day off with a light, low-fat breakfast accompanied by fruits instead of bread.
It is recommended to eat the last meal 3 hours before bedtime, if you are going to eat a roast at night, avoid it is too late and with excess fats and alcohol, thus decreasing the chances of having reflux when sleeping.
Eat a healthy colation, considering that roasts always depart later than a regular lunch, even if your breakfast was around 11:00 in the morning, eat a fruit or a skim yogurt without sugar.
Try to incorporate healthy pecking options: vegetable wands such as celery, carrot or cucumber with yogurt sauce, cherry tomatoes with quesillo pieces, palms or olives.
If you’re eating empanadas, prefer baked ones over fried ones.
Other rich and healthy options to put on the grill is chicken without leather or fish. It can be accompanied with vegetables such as egg-stuffed paprika, mushrooms and Italian saplings in rodelas
Prefers accompanying green vegetables, avoid May potatoes or rice with choclo.
If you are drinking, stay hydrated with water at all times. A glass of alcohol for one of water is a very good technique.

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