translated from Spanish: They escaped after stealing a house, shot the police until they collided and were arrested

Three armed criminals were arrested last night after raiding a house, escaping police shootings and crashing into two cars stationed in the Floresta neighborhood.  A 911 call alerted the robbery and that’s when the chase started. A few blocks from the raided house, located in Miranda 5100, the robbers were captured after shooting with police. In the images captured by neighborhood security cameras, the vehicle in which they fled is seen as it hits two others that were parked in Morón on 3100.
After the crash, the four criminals began to run and three of them were caught within a few feet. After the arrest, it was learned that the gang consisted of a woman, two men and a child under 16 who shot him several times at the police. Inside the thieves’ car they found several elements involving the detainees, including the weapon used by the child.

The woman, who had originally managed to escape, was later imprisoned after she posed as a neighbor and approached the area to see the status of her companions. 
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