translated from Spanish: Citizens want a halt to the wave of violence: Citizen Movement

Naomi Carmona
Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement it was reported that in the face of the wave of violence that we have witnessed in the city of Morelia during this week, and especially this Thursday, citizens are deputed the necessary and urgent actions to reach peace and quiet.
Movement Ciudadano Michoacán requires the various authorities to be coordinated to provide the security that citizens deserve and not only to stay in speeches, paper or agreements.
Movimiento Ciudadano Michoacán condemns the criminal acts for which our entity, and specifically our state capital, is imprisoned.
It is worrying that a few hours after the opening of the C51, the largest surveillance centre of its kind in Latin America, events such as those recorded on Thursday in Morelia continue to be recorded. Therefore, they point out that the support of the National Guard must be present in a forceful and clear way, with perfect coordination with the different orders of government.
In view of this situation, we call on the various orders of government to fulfill their responsibility to ensure, in addition to the safety of citizens, the fight against impunity through improving the provision of justice.
The procurement of justice, the effectiveness of corporations, strategies and protocols are areas of opportunity in which the current government of the state must pay greater interest, so Movimiento Ciudadano Michoacán emphasizes that it is urgent that security is a priority with immediate action.

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