translated from Spanish: Greenpeace called Piñera a “complete disconnect” award for her work on climate change

Through a statement, Greenpeace referred to the Global Citizen Award 2019 received by President Sebastián Piñera, with the aim of recognizing his work in addressing climate change. The award will be presented next Monday by the Atlantic Council Think-About at united Nations General Assembly Week in New York.In this regard, the NGO stated that this is a “complete disconnect” with the “crisis Chile lives. They also replied that there would be no merit”Unfortunately, what the president has shown in the face of this climate emergency is a clear lack of ambition,” said Matías Asún, director of Greenpeace Chile.With that, he argued that Piñera has a chance to take new decisions under the next COP25, especially with the need to end coal-based industries. “We are confident that it will deliver much more powerful and ambitious signals to reverse the plight we face. Hopefully this award will serve as a factor to move much faster towards a development model that favors clean and renewable energy,” he said.

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