translated from Spanish: In favor Eduardo Orihuela report to the Governor’s Congress

Morelia, Michoacán.- At the request of the governor of Michoacán, to be present during the speeches of deputies during the delivery-receipt of the work report of the current period, the coordinator of the parliamentary fraction of the Party Institutional Revolutionary (PRI), Eduardo Orihuela Estefan, spoke in favor of the petition and proposed that in front of the LXXIV Legislature he should provide a detailed report and clarify doubts of the deputies.
In addition to the state representative conducting an accountability exercise, unit holders and officials must also enter into that dynamic.
That is why a reform of the law was necessary for the governor and especially state-in-law officers to work on Commissions or the plenary to report results.
«Today we need a model that will bring officials and headlines to raise what the results are. Congress cannot be owed to a responsibility that is the oversight and review of all the organs of the state.»
Prior to this reform by the Priist, he said that only one agreement is necessary for the governor’s report, mentioning that dialogue is fundamental between the two powers and creating the conditions for debate, criticism and a strong democracy.

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