translated from Spanish: Macri: “I’m taking care of bringing relief to the table of the Argentinians”

President Mauricio Macri today called for the public work not to be “fertile ground for a living to keep the turn, but synonymous with real development,” by spearheading the inauguration of the redevelopment works at Jujuy International Airport next to the Governor Gerardo Morales.Macri said he is “taking over and trying to bring relief to the table of the Argentines,” but added that it is also essential to do everything that had ever been done to grow.”
“In this electoral process we are defining with what values we want to live and live with Argentines. All of these things we do with honesty and transparency, which are non-negotiable values.”

The head of state argued that “Argentines need work and that is what we are generating here”, alluding to the works at the airport, which increased the passenger capacity received by the old air terminal tenfold. In that sense, he said, “fixing routes, improving education, bringing the Internet to all provinces, modernizing the state, and generating our own energy.” As part of his visit to Jujuy, the head of state delivered earlier deeds to affected families in the town of Volcán, where an aud swept the village of the Humahuaca ravine in 2017.In this note:

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