translated from Spanish: A judge was denounced for conducting sentences in inclusive language

A group of pro-life lawyers denounced a judge in the City of Buenos Airse for signing their sentences in inclusive language. The complaint was prompted in the Council of the Magistracy by the lawyer Elías Badalassi against the magistrate Juzgado No.4 in the Administrative and Tax Litigation, Eleana Liberatori. 

The pro-life lawyer indicated through his Twitter account that the judiciary should write the rulings “in our language and not in a Marxist neo-language rejected by the RAE.” The whistleblower is a staunch anti-abortion militant and even spoke at commission meetings during the legalization debate. 

I have just sued a judge before the Council of the Magistrates for sentencing in Inclusive Language.
Court rulings should be written in our language and not in a Marxist neo-language rejected by the RAE.
The complaint was signed by a large number of caba lawyers — Dr. Elías N. Badalassi (@DrBadalassi)
September 19, 2019

In his networks he shows his followers the minute by minute of his complaint against the judge, whose most controversial ruling is the one he signed to secure vacancies in schools to boys and girls: “Thousands of children and adolescents fail to get a vacancy in the system of City’s state management education.”

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