translated from Spanish: Two fall for boycott to train in Hidalgo

Mexico City.- Two subjects, including one nicknamed «Barney,» were arrested for their alleged involvement in yesterday’s assault on a train in Nopala, Hidalgo, according to police sources.
The men were captured with a radio, two suitcases and toys that went in the burnt carriages of The Kansas City Southern Mexico (KCSM).

Train Vias/Theme Photo:Pixabay

The train was stopped because the track was blocked with tires supposedly to storm it and was hit by another carrying corn.

The railway in the region is still under repair for the collision, a KCSM source confirmed.

«We estimate that from today, in about 72 hours more, the road is free and free refers to the collection of equipment, machinery, hoppers, locomotives and intermodal train,» he told REFORMA.

«At this time the trains are running on another track, in the sense of those that were going from the north, until before Hidalgo, and from the south to the CDMX. It’s the first time we’ve had in Hidalgo.»

It is confirmed that the first train stopped moving because they placed objects on the tracks, added

We don’t know why the second train didn’t slow down, that’s what we’re investigating.»

KCSM estimated that the material damage caused by this vandalism act can be properly listed until next Monday.

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