translated from Spanish: dozens attend Area 51 for aliens

Photography/Twitter @tcsnoticias
America.- It all started a few weeks ago as a typical Facebook prank when a young man came up with the thought of inviting people to massively attend the already famous Area 51 with the sole purpose of revealing, once and for all, the secrets that many believe are hidden behind their doors.
For years, people have claimed that the U.S. government and NASA take the place to study and store extraterrestrial specimens without informing anyone about these work. For this reason, the aforementioned call quickly gained popularity and in just a few hours joined thousands of interested in attending.
The thousands soon became millions and for fear of chaos – impossible not to remember the XV years of Ruby – the creator of the event that was dated to This 20 September removed it, but this did not prevent several dozen from fulfilling his promise to arrive r with every intention of entering the secret facilities.
Carrying banners with phrases like “Save E.T. from the government,” people began arriving at the site from the early hours of the day; some also wore blankets, foil hats and even booties that have created pretty surreal and even funny scenes (like that of a Naruto fan running in a live stream).
So far no incidents have been reported and there are no reports that anyone has tried to enter the premises, all the people have remained on the perimeter, outside the fences. Although it is unknown what actions are contemplated for those who try, on September 10, a couple of youtubers tried to circumvent security and ended up in jail.
Original source: SDP 

The most representative video of what has gone to Area 51… ???
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Original source in Spanish

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