translated from Spanish: 14-year-old girl threatens Morelos cops with knife

Morelos.-The Agency of the Public Prosecutor Specialized Ministry in Adolescents (AMPEA) of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office Sur Poniente obtained a penalty of preventive detention against a minor detained in May of this year in the municipality of Jojutla when found in possession of drugs and a sharpening weapon. Derived from the evidence provided by AMPEA, the Unitarian Court of Justice for Adolescents (TUJA) decided to sentence the 14-year-old early trial J.O.B. to two years of detention for the antisocial conduct of an offence against for marijuana and methamphetamine for sale purposes.

At the same time, the court punished her with a year of sanction assisted by antisocial carrying of a prohibited weapon, meaning that in that period the adolescent will have to carry out activities that were marked by the judicial authority.
The child in conflict with the law was made available to AMPEA on 14 May this year after being detained by elements of the Morelos Police at 12 October of the Cuauhtémoc colony, belonging to Jojutla.Al time of insurance, in a type bag the child’s was found with multiple doses of marijuana and glass, in addition to a knife with which he tried to intimidate the policemen to not be arrested.As a result of these events, the youngest of initials J.O.B., will remain in the Center for the Execution of Private Measures of Freedom for Adolescents (CEMPLA), in Alpuyeca, municipality of Xochitepec, until complying with the sanction.

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