translated from Spanish: Festivities Homelands: Carabineros numbered in 21 those who died during the XL holiday

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The head of the Traffic and Roads area of Crabineros, General Manuel Valdés, revealed the figure in what corresponds until the 13 hours of this Sunday of the XL holiday, which would imply 14 fewer deaths than last year at the same time.

Compared to the 2018 figures, the officer recalled that until noon on Sunday on these same dates, 35 deaths were counted, meaning a «significant casualty» for the institution. The general did not rule out that numbers could be increased during afternoon hours, when more vehicles are expected to return. Carabineros also noted that 894 road accidents have been reported so far, 35% less than last year. The officer noted that the main causes of the accidents are due to loss of control of the vehicle due to speeding, driving in a state of alcohol or under the influence of alcohol and little attention to road signs on the various roads and highways of the country. The uniform indicated that around 66,000 alcotests have been carried out so far, resulting in 875 people being held for drunk driving. Finally, Valdés called 24% of people driving under the effects of some type of drug «worrying», according to The Sending Figures. «It’s a figure to pay attention to,» he warned.

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