translated from Spanish: Iliana Calabro was thrilled to remember the last talk before her father’s death

As a guest on “Podemos Hablar”, a show hosted by Andy Kusnetzoff and aired by Telefe, Iliana Calabró recounted an intimate moment that excited her to tears. The actress and driver recalled the last talk she had with her father, Juan Carlos Calabró, shortly before she died on November 5, 2013: “It was very little word, very little. It was just a gesture, an expression that told you everything,” he began.

“The most significant talk was the last one that followed the line of little word. He couldn’t express himself too much anymore. Lately he was complaining, he suffered a tremendous illness that took him very quickly. He would say to me, ‘All this for what, daughter?’ and I would say’Because we want to have you with us,'” she said. “Cala” suffered from kidney failure.” The day before He passed away he says to me ‘What’s all this for?’ and he was clenched; because when he was dialyzed, he was left with a tic of squeezing his hand where the catheter was passed. I already knew and had given, conassed with my mother and sister, the order that they stop dialysing. ‘Let’s say you’re not going to be dialed anymore.’ Then he sketched a smile and I say’I’m taking care of Coke, you’re calm that we’re going to go all right here.'”

Moved by the memory, the singer added: “It was a talk of looks, a smile like saying ‘I’m leaving but I’m calm, I’m fine’ and then I kept talking; I sang him that song of ‘I’m going to love you to the end.'” We don’t need ‘Cala’ to talk too much. His whole life was a short word and with the bare minimum he always told you the right thing,” he concluded.

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