translated from Spanish: Follow the march with the «40 hours» project: president of the Chamber of Deputies will put it into processing yes or yes in October

The 40-hour workday reduction project promoted by communist MEPs Camila Vallejo and Karol Cariola keeps their level of citizen support stable with 65% approval and 30% disapproval, to go Cadem survey. But, moreover, politically, the opposition has every intention not to give an inch in its processing in Congress.
This was made clear by the President of the Corporation, DC Iván Flores, who warned on Monday that he will put the bill up for the House room to debate yes or yes in October, confirming that the issue will remain a headache for the government.
The announcement occurs when the Executive is not yet cleared if it will present the indications to its own project of 41 hours per week with flexibility nor is there any certainty about the installation of a cross-cutting table to discuss the issue, announced before Festivities, but whose details are also unknown.
To put the project on board, Flores said he will lay his hands on his duties as the holder of the lower house. «In strict strictness we should follow the order of arrival (of the projects) but I will look for space, we already have the formula of how to do it. The speaker of the House has some powers that we have explored and we will put it in discussion,» he said.
Flores added that «while it is true that the Executive has not sponsored the urgency of this 40-hour project, we will wear it the same over the course of October. We’re looking for a date, we have to accommodate something, but we’re going to take it. The worst thing that can happen, when these issues are of national interest and have circulated throughout Chile, is that they are left turning around in limbo, generating uncertainty.»
For Mea loafer, who received during the day the support of the socialist party’s board and senators for the motion, she said that «we hope that the project will move as quickly as possible in the Chamber of Deputies with the announcement made by the president of the Camera. We believe this is good news for workers in our country but mainly for their families, because this is a policy that we believe needs to start to become reality and allow them to improve their living conditions significantly.»

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