translated from Spanish: Goldberg and relationship with Herrera: «We’ve had encounters, but he’s supporting everything»

The sports director of the University of Chile, Rodrigo Goldberg, referred to the current affairs of the club, the departure of Alfredo Arias and the relationship with team references such as Johnny Herrera.In interview with La Tercera, Goldberg stated that «this work made me cry with rage. I cried with grief. But working here is an issue I can’t quantify.» Regarding his relationship and that of Sergio Vargas with Johnny Herrera, the now leader argued that «the most important thing is always to tell the player the truth. We take on April 22 ndism and on the 24th we joined for lunch with him.» In the same vein, he added that «speaking with euphemisms is not good for him or for us. And in that sense, while we’ve had encounters, he’s a guy who’s training well, who’s super dedicated, who’s supporting everything. Because at this minute we need everyone.» In addition, the former attacker acknowledged that «the only renovation we are seeing is that of Rodrigo Echeverría, because apparently there was interest from some clubs for him. So we wanted to anticipate and we are seeing the possibility of lengthening his contract.» Goldberg said that he has no contact with Carlos Heller, that they did not bring Hernán Caputto to take charge of the first team, and that there was a sense of helplessness in the institution following the attack suffered by Felipe de Pablo.The manager reiterated that he trusts that the » U» will be saved from the relegation, and that in December they will know or not whether it was a good decision to keep Alfredo Arias until the start of the second wheel of the National Championship.It should be remembered that University of Chile is marching in the antepent last place of the rankings, with 21 units, just one point from direct descent.

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