translated from Spanish: Government spokeswoman claimed to have “a difference” with Bachelet over Venezuela crisis

Government Spokeswoman Minister Cecilia Pérez referred to the differences they have with UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, about the recognition of Juan Guidó as president of Venezuela.This, after q the former president will ensure that the leader of the opposition is at the head of the country’s National Assembly, but that it is Nicolas Maduro that is the president-elect. In this regard, the head of the portfolio, said that “in terms of raising the voice, to make visible the violation of human rights, torture, civil and political executions, and finally, the pain of the Venezuelan people, the High Commissioner in that role has been well categorical and emphatically in pointing out Maduro’s dictatorship has repeatedly violated the DDs. Hh. of the Venezuelan people,” he said. In addition, he stated that “we have a difference, which relates to the knowledge that we make as Venezuela’s legitimate president to Juan Guaidó,” he said, adding that beyond the technicalities that may exist with respect to the United Nations and our country , and the rest of the Prosur countries, with respect to Venezuela, we believe in legitimacy, which is represented by Juan Guaidó, and not by dictator Nicolás Maduro.”

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