translated from Spanish: Juan Fernandez’s «Treasury»: FA deputies arrive in Comptroller’s Office and Saffirio does not rule out constitutional accusation against Minister Ward

Even the Comptroller General of the Republic arrived on Monday deputies of the Broad Front (FA), requesting that excavations for the search for an 18th-century Spanish treasure in Park N be declared illegal Juan Fernández’s Archipelago.
The controversy arose after the departure of who was the regional director of the Conaf, Pablo Mira in Valparaiso, who – according to the Council of Rangers of Chile – «should have left his post to oppose signing» for the work in the park, who requested the Dutch historian Bernard Kaiser and supported by the Minister of National Goods, Felipe Ward. In this sense, Deputies Diego Ibañez (Social Convergence) and Camila Rojas (Comunes) came to the headquarters of the counterpart to deliver the request. «We see that this seriously violates express prohibitions that are in the law of services of national protected areas, and also violates international treaties that defend the global reserves of the biosphere, such as the Washington Convention,» Ibáñez said.
In addition, he noted that «in one way or another, he calls into question the government’s willingness through its Minister of National Goods to defend biodiversity in a context of unprecedented climate crisis.»
René Saffirio does not rule out constitutional indictment
The independent deputy, René Saffirio, did not rule out filing a constitutional charge against the Minister of National Assets, Felipe Ward.
Saffirio argued that «it is a difficult waste to qualify that heavy machinery is authorized to enter (…) to a protected area in order to search for a treasure.»
The parliamentarian announced that he will ask the Ministry of National Goods for information on the scope of protocol and that his team of advisers will consider ways to reverse the Ministry’s decision, El Mercurio de Valparaiso reported.
«I do not rule out, at all, the possibility of a constitutional accusation for the preservation, even if it is one square meter, of the Juan Fernández archipelago,» the congressman noted.

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