translated from Spanish: Nearly 60 companies were fined for not respecting the holiday holiday

A total of 269 audits were carried out by the Labour Directorate during 18 and 19 September of this year on the occasion of the unmissable holiday of the celebrations of Festivals Patrias.De the audits carried out, 59 companies were fined for not respecting the holiday, that is, 22% of the complaints ended with some kind of sanction. The Metropolitan and Los Ríos regions concentrated the most accusations and sanctions, with 17 and 9 employers fined, respectively. The Undersecretary of Labour, Fernando Arab, stated that «we must continue to make progress in respecting the indispensable holiday for trade workers. While most employers meet such a mandatory break, as long as there is an infringement, we will continue to make every effort to prevent this from happening, either by reporting more strongly on the scope of the non-missable holiday, how to strengthen the audit and associated fines for such breaches.» During 2018, a total of 34 companies were fined for not complying with the mandatory and unmissable trade holiday of 18 and 19 September. That year, the audits were 48 across the country, so 71% of the audits ended with some kind of sanction, well above 22% this year 2019, which the authority believes is a clear indication that the information campaigns are giving off Two. The audits were carried out through two ways: in response to complaints entered since 17 September to a banner published in and on planned tours made on 18 and 19 September in the different regions of the country.

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