translated from Spanish: San Rafael: life-serving for four accused of murdering a marriage

Cristian Pajón, Fernando Olivarez, Carlos Avila and Ricardo Peñalbe must get used to the bars, because they will serve at least 35 years in the shade before they can request some kind of benefit to get out of jail. Last weekend, a popular jury sentenced them to life for the «criminis causa» murder of bakers Miguel Scalia (63) and Liliana Balmaceda (58).
The thieves beat the couple to death.

The crime occurred on 25 September 2017, when the four thugs entered the house of the Sanrafaelino couple, located in Gutiérrez 1557 of the Nihuil neighborhood. Someone had passed them the tip that this family of bakers kept cash in their home. But it wasn’t true. The thieves beat the couple to death. They used cement blocks, a dough and even a barreta. They then fled without leaving many clues, as they used latex gloves. In the next room, the disabled daughter of the two victims was left alone, sitting on her wheelchair, not understanding what had happened.
Pajón was the first to fall: a research dog traced to his house.

The police began to investigate. Pajón was the first to fall: a research dog traced to his house. There were shoes whose soles matched the fingerprints marked at the crime scene. Then the henchmen were apprehended. The trial
After the stopovers came the trial. 50 witnesses passed through the debate. The meetings were held at the Exhibition Congress Center of San Rafael and were conducted by technical judge Ariel Hernández. The 12 jurors unanimously decided that the four thieves were guilty and co-authorof the event. The sentence was life imprisonment, and what is a «criminis cause» murder? It means the person who killed it did so to erase the evidence of another crime. That’s an aggravating one. Despite this, the defense requested the «unconstitutionality» of the life, which was not accepted by the judge. In line with the sentence, the chief of Southern Homicide prosecutors, Pablo Peñasco, argued that the convicts were a «group of murderers who engaged in delinquency and drugs» and stressed that «what condemns these people is the evidence». In this note:
San Rafael
crime of bakers

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