translated from Spanish: Vélez won A vibrant and controversial match for River at the Monumental

After sealing the qualifierto the quarter-finals of the Copa Argentina, River lost 2 to 1 against Velez at the Monumental, for the seventh date of the Superliga.El Fortín found his way to take the lead in the 37th minute of the first half , from the feet of Nicolás Domínguez.
Far from being affected by the disadvantage, the Millionaire continued to grow in his game and cornered liniers’ team in his area. It was and was the ensemble of Núñez, until 15 minutes into the second half he managed to mark the tie through Ignacio Fernández, who made a good move made by Lucas Martínez Quarta in the network.

Seven minutes from the end, Franco Armani came down into the area to Thiago Almada, who had managed to beat him and was on his way to goal. Precisely, the midfielder from Velez converted from the twelve steps and put his team back up. In short, 2-1 was an advantage River couldn’t make up. Not even with a penalty he had when the time off began and the goalkeeper Lucas Hoyos took care of attacking Nacho Fernández.

Hours before the game, police stopped ten River bars planning an attack on the rival faction and threatened President Rodolfo D’Onofrio.In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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