translated from Spanish: Being recorded three gunshot wounds including a minor

Jacona, Michoacán.- Through a statement it was reported that three men, including a minor, arrived on Tuesday morning at the Municipal Firefighters base for help, as all of them had white gunshot injuries, which were injured by a white gun, which they would have been provoked during a violent quarrel.
In this regard it was learned that during the night of last Monday, those affected attended a party the community of Tzirio, in the municipality of Los Reyes where hours later they held a fight with other attendees and as a result of the stone were injured.
However, it was not until this morning that by their means they reached the Vulcan base, where first responders provided them with first aid and then transferred them to the Regional Hospital.
The wounded identified themselves as Genaro Q., P., 32 years old who had a wound of the pelvis, Juan A., S., 18 years, who had a head injury and José Luis Q., P., 16 years old, who suffered with a head wound and another in about 10 centimeters back. It transpired that those affected are neighbors of the Buenos Aires colony.
The Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Justice was given part of the facts, the elements of which were responsible for starting with the respective investigations, in order to achieve clarification of what happened and to act accordingly.

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