translated from Spanish: Cañeros beats UAS national team

The Mochis, Sinaloa. They’re going on tour. Los Cañeros de Los Mochis defeated a UAS selective 3 races by 1, at a friendly game at Emilio Ibarra Almada Stadium before touring Arizona.
Cañeros came out to this friendly with Guerrero in the second, Ayón in the central garden, Inzunza on the third pad, Arredondo in the first, Gomez on the left, Soto de designated, Uriarte as carbe, Del Palacio on the right, Rodríguez in the short stops and Hernandez as a serpentine, already under the orders of manager Victor “Flamingo” Bojórquez, who reported on Monday to the green camp.  From the same first batch Cañeros was placed on the board with a career produced by Roberto Carlos Méndez Jr. Del Palacio scored Cañeros’ second race in the second inning to overtake the Greens 2 by 0 and the Eagles approached the scoring in the seventh with a race. For the downgrade of the eighth Cañeros he put final figures with unstoppable producer of Juan Carlos Haro for the 3-1.
For this day Monday the news in the green camp besides Víctor Bojórquez was the arrival of the picnic Santiago Gutiérrez and Saúl Soto. Today, Cañeros departs at 09:00 in the morning on their Arizona tour.

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