translated from Spanish: India’s supposed daughter Mary brags of body in nets

Mirna Velasco has become the center of social media attention for a few days since having said in a show program that she is the daughter of María Elena Velasco and Raúl Velasco, many noticed that the woman is very sensual. Internauts were the first to realize how beautiful the supposed daughter of the celebrities is and they let them know with several comments where they praise their beautiful figure that has left more than one with an open mouth.

«If I could marry you, I’d be a beautiful woman, very fast, sexy», «Mirna you’re awesome inside and out,» «GOD MIO! Beautiful You’re looking for smoking Hot!» are some of the comments the woman gets.
On social networks she has more than three thousand followers and at the age of fifty she proves that she is a beautiful woman, also shows that she has talent in the world of show business because the woman has been engaged in acting for several years.
I was given a little girl, so I always had in my mind, ‘when I grow up, I’m going to have a very big family and I’m going to be what my parents never were’,’ the woman said when she uncovered her identity on the show.
It is worth mentioning that La India María made several appearances with the legendary presenter, Raúl Velasco, in the program Siempre en Domingo, where he had tremendous success for several years on the small screen and from where international artists came from.

As if that weren’t enough the character of India Maria also crossed borders, since her fame reached the big screen where some films were made, where she became the protagonist of the stories and is that as everyone knows most of the films had an hu mor very funny.

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