translated from Spanish: Pamela Diaz believes she missed «lobby» for Endler to win The Best Award

Christiane Endler was overtaken by the Dutchss Sari Van Veenendaal at the FIFA Best Awards and Pamela Diaz, friend of the goalkeeper, claimed that she knew it would be complex to keep the award, not for the time it takes in the elite of world football. «I was training and I didn’t see, but I knew. I saw their Instagram stories and it was private plane. He deserves everything. It’s unfortunate, I think there’s a lobbying issue too. The Christiane has been a well-known and tremendously well-known character for two years. So, I think it was still difficult. Obviously, the other little girls have been on the professional issue for many more years. But still, I think it’s a great contribution to our friend,» he told SoyChile. What’s more, the TV host said she spoke «with her last week and I texted her Sunday night, but with the time changes and everything… We haven’t talked now, but she was clear it was difficult.» Although Endler did not take first place, Pamela Diaz hopes next year will. In addition, he stressed the importance of the goalkeeper for national football. «We see here that it makes it amazing, that it is a benchmark for new generations, for everyone in general, even for one. But it’s different to be outside and to know what the subject is about, how you play professionally. Christiane’s on another level. Here it costs, in fact, I think Santiago Morning is the only team that pays their players accordingly. They have a tremendous campus. They qualified for a Copa Libertadores and I hope they go on champions. I think all these Christiane results help Chilean football and a bunch of kids who are playing. So nothing, we’ll wait for the next year and win,» he said.

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