translated from Spanish: SUEUM loses protection; STUMICH gets all the benefits of law

Naomi Carmona
Morelia, Michoacán. – The Single Union of Employees of the Universidad Michoacana (SUEUM), lost the appeal of protection in courts of the Conciliation and Arbitration Board, so the Workers’ Union of the Michoacana University (STUMICH), will enjoy the same rights, guarantees and performance than SUEUM.

«Federal Justice does not protect or protect the SOLE EMPLOYEE Union OF THE MICHOACANA UNIVERSITY against the act claimed by this responsible authority,» can be read in the resolution signed by The Officer Hill Arturo of the Rio Ramírez, Chairman of the Board of Ramírez Conciliation.

STUMICH leader Armando Rangel Díaz therefore publicly invited more UMSNH workers to join the union without fear, by ensuring that the guarantees of the law will not be at risk, since he denounced the SUEM leader , Eduardo Tena Flores authoritarian in attempting to deny rights to those who are not affiliated to the Single Union.

«The unions have no owner, there are some people who feel the owner of the collective agreements and also feel that own syllabus, today it is shown that they are not, today it is shown that workers have the freedom to union association without affecting any of its benefits.»

The benefits that STUMICH was fighting are those of clause 55 which talks about vacancies, the right to school supplies, lenses and work materials.
It should be recalled that the justification for the protection promoted by the SUEUM was the number of workers added to STUMICH – approximately 440 workers. On that figure, Rangel Díaz stated that the intention is to obtain ownership of the collective employment contract, this in the face of the discontent of several workers, over the treatment of Eduardo Tena.

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