translated from Spanish: The PAN against the Mexican people – The Opinion of Héctor Marín Rebollo

With a lot of fuss but in the midst of a great division, a great resentment, a deep corruption, a lack of clear destiny that is called strategy and a total lack of personalities to lead it, that party of the Mexican far-right, (the PAN) «celebrated» the 80 anniversary of its founding within the framework of the development and expansion of Nazi ideas that sought to impose their empire and ideology, murdering all their enemies.
The chief founder of the PAN, Manuel Gómez Morín, an employee of the great international bankers, (having been one of the seven sages with Lombardo Toledano at the University), became a faithful follower and illusory messiah of Nazi-fascism’s ideas, because thought that Hitler and Mussolini would be victors in World War II.
They will be able to say whatever today’s panists want, deny their mother and father that they are Nazi ideas and fascist ideas, but there is strong evidence that even in the United States there were official denunciations and protests of the American government in October 1941 against the roles of Nazi fascism in Mexico and directly accused the sinarchists and National Action.
The PAN was founded with the help of the minions of Francisco Franco, assassin of Spain and his people and a lot of ink has run since then to prove it.
The PAN was founded to combat the oil expropriation of Lazaro Cardenas and when Nazi-fascism was crushed by the USSR and the Allies, the PAN crouched down and on his knees went to apologise to the United States. Since then it has been the instrument of the Yankees’ railings against Mexico and electorally it is the battering ram of the great entrepreneurs.
The people of Mexico will not forget that in 1988 the PAN, together with Salinas de Gortari and the neoliberal PRI, made the fraud and then burned the evidence of that monstrous scam against the National Democratic Front headed by Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas.  The evidence here is:
The Pan’s Nazi past and its unconditional support for the neoliberal PRI that carried out the so-called «structural reforms» have sunk it. Their illusory leaders today believe their path is to expect the Fourth Transformation to fail. What poverty!

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