translated from Spanish: Trump told Venezuelans u.S. is with them in front of «Maduro dictator»

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday reiterated his support for Venezuelans in front of «dictator» Nicolas Maduro, while lashing out at socialism, stressing that «America will never be a socialist country.»
During his address to the UN General Assembly, Trump has referred to the «brutal oppression» they face in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, although he has focused his message on the situation in the UN whose president he has accused of being «a Cub puppet a.»
«All America is with you,» he has assured the «Venezuelans caught up in this nightmare,» stating that the United States has humanitarian aid ready to get to the country and that 55 countries already support Juan Guaidó’s «legitimate government.» «We are following the situation closely and we look forward to the day when democracy will be restored» in Venezuela, he added.
On the other hand, he has lashed out firmly against socialism, «destroyer of societies». According to the representative, both socialism and communism have nothing to do with justice, equality and good for the citizens who advocate: «They only have to see power for the ruling class as one thing.»
So he has stated bluntly that «America will never be a socialist country.»

Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez has responded via Twitter to Trump’s speech, accusing him of pouring «unacceptable accusations» into Cuba and Venzuela. «The use of lying characterizes its management,» Rodriguez criticized in his message.
The head of Cuban diplomacy has assured that Trump «speaks like an emperor» as he «tries to distract the world» from his internal problems, particularly calls to start a political trial in Congress. He has also called it «boring» and has said that it «does not compete with Greta Thunberg», alluding to the young Swedish activist.

In his address to the UN General Assembly, Trump took the opportunity to warn all those who think of emigrating to the United States, alerting them that they will not be allowed to enter the country, while lashing out hard at those who defend.» open borders.»
«Don’t pay the traffickers, don’t pay the coyotes,» he warned migrants, mainly Central Americans and Mexicans, but increasingly from other parts of the world, reaching as far as the southern border of the United States. «If they get this far, they won’t come in and we’ll send them back,» he said.
In this regard, he has made it clear that as long as he is president of the United States ,we will «enforce our laws and protect our borders,» while praising the efforts made by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to stop the migrants from coming to American soil.
On the other hand, he has lashed out at activists who advocate an «open door» policy, arguing that his policies are «cruel and evil» that what they do is encourage human trafficking networks.
Trump has reported that many migrant recipient countries are being overtaken and has argued that everyone has «the right to protect their borders.» It has also encouraged all countries to join forces to keep people smugglers out of work.

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