translated from Spanish: Banda El Recodo breaks the silence after not being nominated for a Latin Grammy

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- It seemed that the day of the announcement of nominees for the 20th edition of the Latin Grammy (Latin Grammy) would be only of rejoicing and emotion for the performers of the various musical genres, however, the day, which apparently passed in a way normal on September 24, took a turn when exponents of the reggaeton began to protest the paucity of mentions they received within the 42 categories to be awarded on November 14 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, in Las Vegas.Tagged #SinReggaetonNoHayLatin-Grammys, artists of the aforementioned musical genre, such as J Balvin, Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee expressed their dissatisfaction on social media.

«Despite being nominated, I don’t agree with the way they treated gender and many of my colleagues. Remember one very important thing, your platform was not the one that created this movement. This goes beyond a prize. This is culture, credibility, relevance and RESPECT,» Daddy Yankee.J. Balvin wrote a video in which he mentions: «I don’t agree with the part of using us for the ratings and then not taking what we deserve in our categories, in the categories we we are,» the singer added, referring to the nominations being the «urban» genre and not the reggaeton.
One of the institutions of the Mexican regional, the band El Recodo did not receive any nominations, but what aroused questions among its followers, media and more, is that on this occasion, the octogenarian group was not considered even though it launched the 80 years of music among friends, in which the great estifies in eight decades of the sinaloense band are performed together with outstanding artists, among them, Yuri, Luis Fonsi, Sebastián Yatra, Ramón Ayala and Eliseo Robles, Timbiriche, Los Tucanes of Tijuana, Carlos Rivera, Cristian Castro, Gerardo Ortiz, Julio Preciado, Mariachi Vargas of Tecalitlán and David Bisbal.In the face of the questions and comments issued to Poncho Lizárraga, leader of the band founded by his father, Don Cruz Lizárraga, broke the silence and through social media he expressed his feelings about it.
«When the idea was to produce an album to celebrate 80 years of the Band El Recodo we focused on inviting the most important exponents of music from different genres and generations. A project that required us a careful selection of the best songs to create a record worthy of collection, always thinking about who deserves all our effort, experience and quality… our audience. An album that managed to gather the greatest exponents of recent times, figures worthy of success, all joining the great tribute of the trajectory of the band El Recodo, but above all, a tribute to our band genre. To each of them, my sincere thanks, admiration for their time, disposition and passion with which they participated in this project, in this album that now receives the recognition of all our audience», are the lines of the press release with which Poncho.La post of the message was not there and Lizárraga added a post in which it points out the elements that are taken into account to define the nominees in order to clarify some of the messages of their followers: «Thank you very much for your comments! to earn a #LatinGrammy the academy rates Excellence in Recordings, its quality from there comes its prestige, of not receiving money or relying on fashion, popularity or influence in networks. #AVecesSeEstaYAVecesNo», in what supporters expressed their support and highlighted the quality of their production.
In response to the protests of reguetoneros, the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, an association made up of professionals from the music industry and at the helm of the Latin Grammy Awards, released a statement in which he said: «La La Latin Recording Academy has been following a strict voting process for 20 years. Members of the Academy, through their vows, select the material they deem worthy of a nomination. The Academy has never influenced its decisions and has always adhered to and respected its selections, even when there are people who do not agree with the results. Notwithstanding the above, we are always open to hearing discontents and constructive criticism. We invite leaders of the urban/reguetonera community to engage with the Academy, participate in the process, and participate in discussions that improve the Academy.» Nominees
On this occasion, the categories of the Mexican regional include important groupings and soloists: Calibre 50, La Explosive Banda de Maza, Luis Antonio López, «El Mimoso»; «El Bebeto», Saul «El Jaguar» Alarcón, Banda Los Sebastianes, Edwin Luna and La Trakalosa de Monterrey, Bronco, Vicente Fernández, Intocable, Christian Nodal and Alex Fernández, Flor de Toloache, Buyucheck and Machine Norteña.

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