translated from Spanish: Classrooms, breakfast bar and mural opened in Cobaes 107

Mocorito, Sinaloa.- In strengthening the program of dignification of the educational infrastructure that promotes the Government of the State of Sinaloa, today municipal authorities of Mocorito, headed by the mayor, Jesús Guillermo Galindo Castro, and educational of the College of Bachelors of the State of Sinaloa, represented by its general director, Sergio Mario Arredondo Salas, headlined the opening event of a multipurpose classroom, a school breakfast bar and an artistic mural for the benefit of the educational community of the 107 Cobaes in the community of San Benito.» Education is the true legacy we leave to our children. Our commitment is to help Sinapeople families in this work of life. Being very close to the community has been the most important instruction of Governor Quirino Ordaz,» Arredondo Salas said in his speech to students, parents and guests at the protocol act where the delivery of the 48-square-meter classroom was made, the school breakfast bar with capacity for 60 people and the mural alluding to one of the most ingrained traditions of the region, such as horse racing, artwork entitled, «Galopando with history», created and donated by its author, the painter Ernesto Gastélum Valenzuela.

The owner of Cobaes emphasized that the Mocorito City Council is distinguished at the state level by the indeclinable support it has given to the College of Baccalaureates, thanking the municipal president, Jesús Guillermo Galindo Castro, and the president of the DIF System Municipal, Mrs. María Elizalde de Galindo, her support for the benefit of the Mocoritian youth.» Thank you William for that great commitment you have for the people of Mocorito and for their communities for the most important thing, how the boys are doing in education,» he said. For his part, Mocorito’s first building, Jesús Guillermo Galindo Castro, confirmed his commitment to education and the College of Baccalaureates, an institution of which he was already part of his professional career in public service.» As a government we will continue to work with a great effort shared with citizens and educational institutions, with specific responses to the topic of education, improving educational infrastructure, granting scholarships and supporting in school transport. That’s what we’re working on at Mocorito City Council for the benefit of our children and young people,» he said. According to the occasion, the inaugural event presented a well-deserved recognition to the muralist, Ernesto Gastélum Valenzuela, who is a native of the community of San Benito, currently based in the United States in the city of Indio, California.For his part, the artist appreciated the opportunity to capture the traditional horse races, typical of the region, in a work executed in Venetian mosaic with more than 8 thousand pieces and 200 different shades of colors. In turn, the executive coordinator of Zone 03, Gilberto Ojeda Camacho, welcomed the attendees and expressed that «Cobaes wants to go far beyond academics, wants to go far beyond the issues that have to do with the integration of society». The headlines of Cobaes and the City council of Mocorito, the local deputy for the X District, Guadalupe Iribe Gascón, accompanied at the event; entrepreneur Jorge Sosa Valenzuela; the coordinator of the School’s Distance Higher Middle Education centers, Rubén Vega Lugo, and the director of the 107 campus, María de los Angeles Higuera López.

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