translated from Spanish: Don’t you like meat? Meet the must-haves of the «veggie route»

Poor loin, potato pie, charquican, grilled chicken are home-cooked dishes that sound appetizing to the ears, but not for everyone. Typical Chilean preparations like these can be found in many places, which translates into a challenge for those who are vegetarian or vegan, since almost always meat is the protagonist in the dish. However, it is becoming easier to find options that suit all tastes.
The vegetarian and vegan trend is on the rise, especially among college students. In this line, naturist alternatives can affect the wallet more, especially that of younger people who lack a salary. For this reason, Sodexo Benefits and Incentives has a network of partner shops that includes menus and different healthier options.
«For many, typical food is almost always made of meat. However, it is possible to be in line with a healthy diet, that is, take advantage of other homemade dishes made with vegetables. For the same reason, we believe that it is important to publicize the different options and food innovations for university students so that they can enjoy the same way», says Sergio Godoy, Social Benefits Manager of Sodexo Benefits and Incentives.
Currently, there are more alternatives where preparations do not carry animal meat. In addition, most of them have options for everyone, so it can be an option to go in a group. Sodexo then delivers some places in the Metropolitan Region where you can go with your Junaeb Sodexo Card, if you don’t want to eat meat or prefer to take care of yourself after September 18.
The Naturist: Located in Paseo Huérfanos, this place offers an exquisite variety of vegetarian food, from salads, stews, soups, tortillas and traditional food based on products other than meat. They have options for breakfast, eleven-food, entrances and background dishes. And if you prefer the latest dishes, they have a cocktail salad that can surprise.
Mammaterra: It is the first healthy and sustainable fast food place in Chile. Its specialty is burgers that have different types of 100% vegetable protein to choose from, such as quinoa, falafel and seitan. Everything here is handmade, no frying is used and in addition, they have gluten-free bread. Locals in Santiago and regions.
Evergreen: A place created especially for vegetarians, where they try to make their food varied and a good alternative for those who follow this gastronomic line. Among its dishes are chickpeas, stews with soy meat and vegetarian lasagna.
Bogarín: Bogarin is a chain of soda sources focused on natural and artisanal products. They are famous for their crumb sandwiches and natural juices made at the moment with fresh fruits. With several locations in the Valparaiso region,

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