translated from Spanish: Rehabilitating tunnel No. 1 Cacheuta will cost more than $65 million

The contract for the start of the rehabilitation of tunnel No. 1 Cacheuta, in Luján de Cuyo, was signed. The work has an official budget of $64,608,770 and a six-month execution period. On the financing of the work, Cornejo argued that this is «an international cheap financing of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). It’s exactly the same one that was given for the tunnel. The work was budgeted at $51 million and by good management, and not as it was previously done, is that we executed $45 million alone.» The Governor added that «with the remnant, with those $6 million we saved in the Cacheuta tunnel, we are repairing tunnel 1 on the way to Cacheuta and section 1 of Route 82 that we have already started.» Minister Kerchner, for his part, emphasized the Above: «On Route 82 we have been working with the municipalities. It was authorized by a very convenient funding of the IDB by the Legislature of the Province. We’ve already started the first stage. Before that we had managed to connect the Cacheuta tunnel linking Potrerillos with Cacheuta and saving and with transparency we were able to include the repair of tunnel 1, which 20 years ago was disabled by the fall of a rock». The work will again enable the tunnel with a road width of 7.20 meters and sidewalks of 0.70 m on both sides. Tasks will provide stability to the corridor and mitigate the risk of rock falls from the slopes, as well as provide adequate lighting and signage to the area. In this note:

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