translated from Spanish: Tromba hits Eréndira Beach and causes damage

Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán.- A marine tromba hit the beaches of this coastal municipality and the situation caused damage in at least three palapas of Playa Eréndira without fortunately having to regret, according to the information provided to this medium by Civil Protection authorities.
This reporter spoke to one of the managers of one of the injured establishments, she is Mrs. Claudia, who commented: «When I came to open and I saw everything I said, What happened here?! I freaked out, this was in the early morning, I was affected by the whole business, a part of the kitchen fell and everything was shattered, 16 tables were broken, 25 or 30 chairs and it did a lot of damage, there are broken frets, the water got in and here in my business is where it affected the ugliest.»
Jorge Romero Alvarado, in charge of the Delegation of Civil Protection in Lázaro Cardenas, said: «Fortunately there were no victims to regret and there is no danger to the population either. Already the staff moved to Playa Eréndira, which was the most affected, to help the injured.»
In this sense, it was known that the damaged palapas were «El Pulpo», «Las Brisas» and «Bora Bora». Likewise, the staff of the Tourism area of the Lazarocardense City Council also went with the «palaperos» to converse with them and carry out an inspection in order to quantify the damage and work on supporting the traders.

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