translated from Spanish: We are ready to close ranks with the governor, as long as there is co-responsibility: MS. Report

Morelia, Michoacán; 25 September 2019.- A statement reported that the local deputy, Cristina Portillo, stated that there is a willingness of the political forces of Michoacán to heed the call cast by the governor around closing ranks in favor of Michoacán. However, he mentioned, «the first actor who should have responsibility for it is the executive’s own owner, who has an exaggerated prominence on national issues and uses the media palestra in which he is placed to denote on a recurring basis to the federal government.»
Following the state representative’s fourth report, the legislator stressed that this act leaves a certain taste of inconsistency. «On the one hand the governor said he would not share blame, but when it came to insecurity and gender-based violence, he evaded responsibility by hiding that these are national issues,» Portillo Ayala said.
For the brunette, the state executive, in contrast, attributed the achievements in combating poverty that CONEVAL has pointed out in its reports. «In this respect, Silvano Aureoles, was disafraid to point out the social policy actions that his government has deployed to contribute to this achievement, which clearly obeys external phenomena such as the huge budgets that the federation has earmarked in this area over the past few years,» he stressed.

It also complains that the governor should repeal the 13 per cent increase that the incomes of the Michoacan families have had and that it has been reported by INEGI. «It is not unknown to anyone that remittances have increased in recent years in Michoacán and that these reach the poorest families of the entity, so this increase in resources is what has prevented poverty from continuing to grow, not a public policy attributed state government. But behind migration and remittances, there are stories of pain and a failure of governments,» the Brunist meath concluded.

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