translated from Spanish: Will Smith turns 51 – the reasons behind his success as an actor

His talent and charisma led him to be one of the highest-grossing actors of all time, but will Smith is also a versatile guy who knows how to adapt to the times that run. Whether in his or her role as an actor, rapper, dancer, comedian, father, husband and even influencer, he does it all with dedication. In cinema he remained for decades one of the most sought-after protagonists and even gave himself the luxury of rejecting roles as the iconic Matrix Neo. From his days in Men in Black to the role that seemed impossible as the Genie of Aladdin in the live action version of Disney, he has given us unforgettable performances.

Will Smith is completely committed to everything he does and he says that’s the secret of his great success

As if all of the above weren’t good enough reasons to succeed in Hollywood, Will Smith has a very strict work ethic. And that’s what he’s credited with, more than anything else. The actor is convinced that being so hard-working is what led him to stand out from the rest, as he does everything with discipline: from his daily training to his performance. He himself has said that he does not consider himself a great talent, but that his work ethic helped him go so far, from the moment he started his career to today. Legend has it that when he got his first job in The Prince of Rap, he was so excited that he studied not only his dialogues, but the entire script of the first six episodes.

«Prince of Rap» was the television role that shot him to fame

Over the years, that commitment to work only increased, as he likes to face new challenges and keep busy. And as if that were not enough, always with a positive attitude and good humor. Will Smith knows how to combine work discipline like no other and his overwhelming sympathy, a quality he conveys across the screen.
I love living, I think that’s contagious. It’s something you can’t fake. And I think the camera can feel like I’m happy doing what I do.

Whether in the cinema with his latest tank, watching some of his entertaining movies for the thousandth time or on his Instagram account where he is followed by more than 30 million people, the actor has a good time and projects it on everything he does. He now claims to be at a point in his career where he no longer sits in the center of the scene, but fortunately, it still rains on leading roles. His next film is Ang Lee’s Gemini Man, where he plays a foolproof killer and his younger version, thanks to the rejuvenation technology that is Hollywood’s new chiche. In Argentina it premieres on Thursday, October 10 in all cinemas. In this note:

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