translated from Spanish: Attempting to kill his mother-in-law and being arrested in Zamora, Michoacán

Zamora, Michoacán.- The result of investigations carried out by the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Michoacán (FGE), allowed the detention of a male person, likely responsible for the crime of attempted murder, committed last year, in grievance of his mother-in-law.
It was in compliance with an injunction that elements of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office arrested Federico L., from whom there is evidence that on December 9 of the year in a quotation, allegedly attacked the life of his mother-in-law.
That day, the victim was at his home located in this city of Zamora, when the above-mentioned one knocked on his door with the request to make use of his sanitary, a fact for which he was allowed to enter.
After a few minutes, Frederick L., handed over the aggrieved cash for the payment of a debt, and when distracted, he pulled out of his clothes a sharp gun with which he caused several wounds to his body, in addition to hitting it with a glass bottle and int entyamine her.
From these facts the Regional Prosecutor’s Office was aware, which is why it initiated the Research Folder and carried out the corresponding measures that allowed the possible participation of the accused in the fact, of whom the respective requested order of apprehension, which was given by a Control Judge.
Federico L., was admitted to the local Penitentiary Center, pending the corresponding authority to resolve its legal status.

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