translated from Spanish: For the Mendoza Economic Federation the $5,000 bonus is very difficult to pay

The statement issued by the Mendoza Economic Federation highlights the financial difficulties that companies have in dealing with the advance, for some «the bond», of $5000.» We point out that we are not against employees, on the contrary we work to generate employment. We are aware of the deterioration that inflation has produced in their salaries and this is reflected in the decline in sales suffered by the commercial sector» expresses the writing. The situation between the different sectors of the Mendocina economy «There are sectors that can pay and others that cannot and deepens the territorial problem, we understand that there will be cases in which the company cannot pay this bonus and in many cases they will get indebted to deal with it, we also reiterate the inequity of it because all employees who are in the informal system will not receive it, this favors informality something in which FEM struggles day by day.» The EMF holds the national government accountable, considering that there were errors and negligence and that these kinds of ideas deepen the crisis facing SMEs.» This $5,000 bonus is just a palliative of the very short term that will be liquefied by inflation. Medium- and long-term measures are needed that give predictability and a clear horizon for our activities.» In this note:
Mendoza Economic Federation

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