translated from Spanish: How was the death of the child for which they arrested the most sought-after fugitive

Patricia Mabel López was arrested yesterday after she became the most sought-after fugitive in the country for the crime of ‘Ramoncito’ a child who was murdered by a group of people through a ritual that combined umbanda and Afro-Brazilian actions. The crime happened in 2006 and the details were known following the story of a 14-year-old girl friend of Ramoncito, who was witnessed by the ritual that included beatings, rapes and unusual situations. 

The girl who was called ‘Ramonita’ during the trial recounted that the low-income victim, living on the street and selling religious stamps to survive, was placed in a brown seat. After that, Ramoncito was rested on a rug and killed. According to the account, taken away by the prosecutor as it coincided with the autopsy, they hit him with a knife and cut off his head. Even when his body was found, his head was stationed on the left side, at shoulder height. 

She was the most sought-after fugitive since 2012 for murdering a child named Ramoncito, in Corrientes, during a satanic rite.
She hid in Gonzalez Catán and today, after a long investigation @PrefecturaNaval managed to stop her.
This assassin will serve life sentence — Patricia Bullrich (@PatoBullrich)
September 25, 2019

But it wasn’t just that: when they found the young man’s body, those who carried on the ritual had taken out his cervical vertebrae and larynx. According to the girl’s account, Ramoncito was burned with cigarettes, impaled, raped and beaten. Done that, they took their hands, at that moment stained with the boy’s blood and began to howl.

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