translated from Spanish: Leandro Martinez and conflict with Paloma Mami: «The feeling that was left is that I had my favorite»

The singer Leandro Martínez was the guest for a new program broadcast of «Tu vida, tu historia» of Chilevisión, where he explained the conflict he had with the national performer, Paloma Mami, during the program «Red, the color of talent». Referring to the subject, the artist stated that «I cannot take care of what others say or if I go a little crazy. If she felt it, if she thinks so, what can I do, I can’t go and clear up a situation, a situation that I clarified in her minute.»» I’ve always said dirty rags are washed at home, which was Red. I went and talked to her, the context, she understood me, there were conversations with production,» she said. Space host Jean-Philippe Cretton asked him what the interpreter’s response was to «Fingiah.» To which Martínez recounted that «based on a reaction that I had, which was a thousandth of a second where I grabbed my head, there was she and another pupil of mine that I had been working with much longer than Koke (Núñez). When this happens, I said ‘Koke goes’, so I take my head and make a gesture like ‘chuta’, but what I didn’t repair was that she was also my pupil and the feeling that was left is that I had my favorite.»» with Koke we had been working for 3 months and the feeling that was left is that I had something against her. I realized it right on social media, because at the end of the show (I read) ‘hear what attitude you had’ What attitude? In the hospital I had a feeling that out there was something else and I approached her and I said, ‘Hey you know what, I explain it to you.’ He tells me ‘it’s okay,'» he explained, adding that he also apologized,» he added. Finally, he detailed what happened next when Paloma Mami decided not to continue participating in the program. «She decided to continue working and we continued with the staging of the next topic and the day after she did not return to the program, so I have no power for me to take her off the show. I was an employee more and that’s what finally gave me can,» he concluded.

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