translated from Spanish: Sinaloa lives the best close with great tourist growth

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- With a 32 percent growth in domestic and foreign tourism reception, Sinaloa becomes one of the states of choice to visit by travelers, who no longer prefer beach destinations, but also their villages magical and stately. “At the national level the state that had the highest growth in tourism was Sinaloa with 9.9 percent, almost 10 percent, which tells us that the decisions and actions taken by Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel and all tour operators have achieved fruit and in general we are on a good path,” said syllalo’s Secretary of Tourism in Sinaloa, Oscar Pérez Barros.

Sinaloa’s best summer
In interview on World Tourism Day, he noted that this summer 2019 records were broken in tourist reception, as all magical and stately villages, as well as beach destinations, had an occupancy above 90 percent, in which stood out that tourists combined the places of sun and beach with those that have gastronomy, forest, mountain and history.” The example is in Surutato, where today it is having significant growth, and the society of Surutato is convinced that they have been convinced by tourism and 75 percent of the population of this place is dedicated to tourism”. Pérez Barros indicated that in this summer there was a total of 62,500 visitors to the magical villages with an economic spill of 92.1 million pesos.

National and foreign tourism is visiting the three magical villages of Sinaloa

“In the arrival of tourists we went from our goal of over one million and we had one million 100 thousand tourists throughout the state of Sinaloa with a growth of 9.9 percent; whereas last year we had 974,000 tourists and the economic spill expected to be 4.5 billion pesos, and we had 4.6 billion pesos, that is, 10 percent over the 4 billion pesos we had in 2018.” He noted that these achievements were due to the great investment that the State Government has made in the infrastructure on roads and roads that connect with the main tourist destinations of Sinaloa, as well as the tourism providers of the region, who are, he said, the tourism’s main driver. Return of tourists
The state official also reported that the state has grown by 23.4 percent in domestic tourist arrivals from 2016 to 2018; while foreign tourists in the same time frame have grown by 213 percent, proving that trust in domestic and foreign tourists has returned.” Security across the state, from fifth place in the most unsafe places to 27th place, is a great effort and in record time, as is two years. That helps us a lot because we get back the confidence of the national and international tourist”. He noted that this is why training to tourist providers throughout the state was being intensified, as the main driver of this activity was those who receive the tourist at the airport, the one who transports him in any means of transport and the one who transports him attends to the hotel. For this reason, more than 3,000 tourist employees have been trained at the time and in the last two weeks more than 800 trained providers have been trained in the 18 municipalities of Sinaloa. “Tourism has changed, there are other needs, in the last two weeks we have gathered more than 800 trainings. In the last two weeks we trained in El Fuerte, Sinaloa de Leyva, Choix, Guamúchil, Los Mochis, Guasave, Mazatlan (La Noria), Culiacán and Mocorito, and we will continue to advance because the treatment they give in Sinaloa is the best and make the tourist feel at home”. Private investment
In addition, Oscar Pérez Barros reported that in Sinaloa the total investment during 2018 represents 20%; however, what takes the first half of 2019 already accounts for 37 per cent, because there were 5,563.6 million pesos of private tourist investment, and this figure exceeds what was held in the whole year of 2017 , which was 4,134.46 million pesos, which in turn represents growth of 115 percent from 2017 to 2018.” That’s the investor’s confidence, the investor is very analytical and has his studies, but when you see that a government is investing in tourist infrastructure and they see things happening in time and form, the investor decides to invest more confidently. That virtuous circle is what is causing tourism investment in Sinaloa, that’s why it’s the big jumps that you see 20 percent of 115 percent from 2017 to 2018 and this 2019 already accounted for the 2017 tourism investment; that is, there is talk of growth for this year.” More air connectivity and cruise arrival
In addition, the secretary of state tourism announced that new flights will be made, as is a direct route from Mazatlan to Querétaro that starts on October 3, as well as a route from Mazatlan to Monterrey. “In the last six months we have managed about 100 thousand seats to Sinaloa. We have continued to work and have opened several routes in the last six months; there is a meeting in Monterrey to attract more connectivity to Sinaloa. In 2017 to 2018 we grew up in air connectivity by 12.3 percent,” he added. On the other hand, he reported that the subject of cruises continues to advance a lot, and from 2018 to 2019 there are 136 cruise arrivals and it is expected to end with 142 this year; this has 70 percent growth from 2017 to 2019. “We are receiving larger cruisers, right now we are getting 5 thousand to 5 thousand 500 cruisers and more modern. We have an average spend of $80 to $90 for each crossleader.” To understand… 27 September World Tourism Day
27 September each year marks World Tourism Day (DMT) with the main objective of raising public awareness of the importance, social, cultural and economic value of tourism in the world. This, in accordance with the statutes of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), adopted on 27 September 1970, during the Extraordinary General Assembly of the International Union of Official Tourism Agencies (UIOOT), convened in the City of Mexico. According to Inegi statistics, in Mexico, during 2017, tourism contributed 8.7 out of every 100 pesos produced by the national economy.

UAIS celebrates World Tourism Day with conference with industry secretary
Under the slogan “Tourism and Employment, a better future for all”, the Educational Program of Business Tourism that is taught at the UAIS, Unit Mochicahui, celebrated World Tourism Day with a cycle of conferences attended by students, officials of the university and special guests. During the event, the rector of the UAIS, María Guadalupe Ibarra Ceceña, made delivery of material and equipment worth 200 thousand pesos, which will be used by students of the Tourism career during their internships. Within the activities was developed a panel of entrepreneurs from the tourism and services sector of the region and the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Sinaloa, Oscar Pérez Barros, gave the conference “Importance of tourism in the generation of employment”. The state official noted that Sinaloa had the best summer ever.” Cruise growth of 58 percent is expected. Sinaloa, in the summer, was the number one state of growth nationwide and has a lot to do with the confidence we have regained because we have made so much progress in security. It is the most growing economic activity in the state,” he said.

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