translated from Spanish: How to lower the swelling of your eyes

Mexico.- Eye swelling is common and is usually due to a bad night’s sleep, crying or excessive alcohol, when it appears for no apparent and unexpected reason it is better to consult a doctor. The swelling in the eyes looks aesthetically bad and although it usually disappears after a few hours, there are natural and home remedies that you can perform to eliminate it almost immediately. 

It is important to clarify that eye swelling for no apparent reason may be an alarm signal for allergies, eye infection such as conjunctivitis or thyroid eye disease, so if the swelling does not go away, see your doctor. 

Natural remedies for eye swelling
Ices wrapped in handkerchiefsIt is one of the most used remedies against swelling. Simply wrap some ice cubes or any other frozen material in a handkerchief and place it in the affected area for a few seconds. Then remove and let the area return to its normal temperature and return to the cold. This causes blood circulation to increase and therefore lower the hi-reject. Cucumber slices This vegetable contains a lot of water and is fresh, therefore moisturizes the skin while helping the circulation in the same way that ice does. Place a few slices of cucumber in your eyes and leave in the area until they take room temperature. It works best if you put them in the freezer for a few minutes before applying. Tea bagsTe, especially if it is green, provides caffeine substance that helps to decrease the swelling of the area and prevents redness of the affected skin. Place tea bags in a cup as you normally prepare for drinking and remove them from the cup, when the bags have a bearable temperature for the touch or completely cold place them in your eyes. PotatoesSliced potatoes on the eyes work the same way as cucumber, place a few slices on your swollen eyes and leave them for a few minutes. Cold milkPlaced in a compress and massage the eye area to reduce inflammation. Why do your eyes swell?
Excessive salt consumption, leading to fluid retention
Allergies that can cause inflammation and swelling
Sinus problems
Fatigue and lack of sleep
Inherited facial features

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