translated from Spanish: Open Mouths: what the San Isidro food fair will look like

This Thursday 3, Friday 4, Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October, Bocas Abiertas celebrates its seventh edition: the star gastronomic festival of Zona Norte once again occupy the Municipal Exhibition Center of San Isidro, in Del Barco Centenera and the river. On Thursday, the event schedule will be reduced, from 18 to 23 hours, while the rest of the days will be extended from 12 noon to 11 pm. Admission is $200; for retirees and those on bicycles, $100; children under 12 years and persons with disabilities, free of charge. As always, Bocas Abiertas will convene renowned chefs, restaurants, Argentine producers and artists to offer a rather foolproof combo: almost four whole days of good food, cooking classes, gourmet shopping, various workshops and live music. On this occasion, the organization also wants to install an attitude, a vibrate, which they decided to call «Kindness». «It was always a very friendly festival, but this year we want to deepen that concept, that people feel comfortable, relaxed, in an area where the please, thanks and the desire for the well-being of the other,» explained Diego García Tedesco to Télam. Of course, always with gastronomy as the perfect excuse to meet, talk about how cute and have more than good.» Relaxation
To ensure the execution of the background idea, the spaces of gastronomy and music will be complemented with one especially dedicated to relaxation, sustainability, responsible food and contact with the spiritual world. In Calma Style there will be yoga, meditation and aromatherapy classes, gardening workshops, nutrition and recycling, massages and other style activities.
The Morphe
If you are particularly interested in eating – and eating rich – you will not be short of options: the culinary offer includes Los Petersen, Felicitas Pizarro, Alo’s and Beast, Lardo & Rosemary, among others. Many stalls will have vegetarian, vegan or celiac-friendly alternatives. The prices of the dishes, they promise, will not exceed the $150-$190 strip, and to accompany there will be outlets with non-alcoholic beverages (waters, sodas), beers, wines, snacks, cider and gin. These are the participants of the food court:Saltlos Petersen (vegetarian option)
Marta Ramirez (vegetarian and vegan option)
Gluten Morgen
El Rodazo
Morelia (vegetarian and vegan option)
Art Catering (vegetarian option)
Crazy x the Roast
Agave (vegetarian option)
Austria – La Pancha (vegetarian option)
Asato (vegetarian, vegan and non-TACC option)
Felicitas Pizarro (vegetarian and non-TACC option)
Home Deli (vegetarian and non-TACC option)
Oven Bar (vegetarian option)
Lardo & Rosemary
The Same Life (vegetarian option)
DulcesMaru Botana
Ice Roll
Gluten-Free Churrería (without TACC)
Simultaneously, for those who are interested in sitting down to try a more elaborate proposal, designed by steps and only accessible by reservation, there will be Mesa Chica: the place where solo and team cooks will cook lunches (at 1.30pm) and dinners (a.m. 20.30 hours) in three times, with drinks included, for a fixed price ($1,116 per person, with entrance to the festival). There will be JulietOriolo (La Alacena), Patricio Negro (Sarasanegro) and Paul Feldstein and Victoria Rabinovich (Lupa). You have to save the vacancy by paying in advance at this link.

The market
A fair is not complete without small and medium-sized producers. In Bocas Abiertas you will get cheeses, mushrooms, salts, honeys, seeds, plantings, bazaar smegs and more, hand in hand with the following participants:Wapi
Get out of here
Polar Products
La Juanita Huertas
Edagreens Edamame Argentina
Peach’s Idem
Conscious Feeding Live
Lucky Cheeses
Borders «Mate with Gustito»
Black Dutch
Argentine Kamado
JL Fires
Xocolatl Island
Kaiken Natural Crop
We Foundation
Perhaps one of the best ingredients of the festival is the existence of the contests: the public can be part of duels of recipes carrying their homemade specialties. In this edition, the competitions are two:Alfajor Contest. It is decided who makes the best alphajor. You have to present 3 units of a version that has as a sweet ingredient milk brand San Ignacio and on Saturday, at 19 hours, after an evaluation, the winner is decided. The prizes: for the best, 40 kilos of sweet milk, two hormas of blue cheese, spread of the recipe on social networks and online pastry course with Ale Temporini; for the second, 20 kilos of sweet milk, 1 horma of blue cheese and the online course. 
ChimiCup. The glass dedicated to chimichurri. Samples should be carried in airtight bottles by Sunday at 4 p.m. At 6.30pm, the jury gives its verdict. The prizes: for the champion, 365 days of Imperial beer, Oliovita and Cinzano products; for the second, Barbecue Magret for 15 people, Oliovita and Cinzano products. 

Full programming
Next, the grid of talks, cooking classes and live shows that can be enjoyed from Thursday to Sunday in the open mouths site: Thursday 3 October Main stage19.30hs. Christophe Krywonis + Cristina Sunae
21hs. Lic. Eleonora Jaureguiberry + Dr. Gustavo Posse
22hs. Vase water
Acoustic stage 18hs. DJ Fede Sagarna
21hs. DJ Chimango
Friday 4 OctoberMain stage16hs. Marta Ramirez + Danilo Ferraz
17hs. Gluten Morgen + Fat Cooking
18hs. Juliana López May + Anita Ortuño
20hs. John and those who laugh
21.30am. Nova sees  
Acoustic stage 13hs. DJ Guillaume
16.30am. DJ Cucho Dub
7.30pm Atoma
21hs. DJ Ale Salas  
Small table 16.30hs. Mama Sana (Oster)
20.30hs. Black Patrick (Sarasanegro)
Saturday, October 5Main stage 13hs. Wanted
14.30hs. Chantal Abad (Essen)
15.30hs. Christian Petersen + Daniela Butvilofsky
16.30a. Pamela Villar + Damian Betular
17.30hs. Maru Botana + Roberto Ottini
18.30am. Mention of the Chef Mentor program
19hs. Alfajor Contest
20hs. Buffalo dub
21.30hs. Wosebeni
Acoustic stage 13hs. DJ Urraca
16hs. Rusea
18hs. Cruz & Saravia
7.30pm Musa
21hs. DJ Danilo Ferraz
Table small 13hs. Paul Feldstein + Victoria Rabinovich (Lupa)
16hs. Wine and strand tasting with Marina Beltrame + Inés Breton
17.30am. FoodStyling with Andy Ruzzante
20.30hs. Julieta Oriolo (La Alacena)
Sunday 6 OctoberMain stage 13hs. Crowned of Glory
14.30hs. Alejandra Temporini + Cook Grimaldi (Essen)
15.30hs. Juan Braceli + Juan Andres Ferrara
16.30hs. Martin Lukesch + Agustín Brañas + Juan Madero
17.30hs. Congratulations Pizarro (Oster)
18.30am ChimiCup
19.30hs. Bocas Awards
20hs. Lovellis
21hs. Lic. Eleonora Jaureguiberry + Dr. Gustavo Posse
21.30hs. Sweepstakes
22hs. The Golden Ones
23hs. End of party: Entre Ríos rice
Acoustic stage 13hs. DJ Nacho Flotta
16hs. Bossa N Classics
17.30hs. Vocat
19hs. Revolver
21hs. DJ Grego Poch
Small table13hs. Joaquin Lege + Ramiro Keklikian (Nero Kitchen)
16hs. Fitness recipes with Chula Fit + Cata Lagomarsino
17.30hs. Sushi with Iwao Komiyama
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