translated from Spanish: Rodolfo Suarez’s triumph already has a national echo

The Strategists of the Macrism rub their hands in front of the numbers they know. In some districts of the province, Cambia Mendoza gained a slack advantage, and representatives of that political force soon echoed the victory of candidate Rodolfo Suarez.Several national figures have already appeared on stage. Shortly after 20 o’clock, the economist Martín Lousteau associated the results with the efforts of “Rody” and Alfredo Cornejo. And he got rid of praise for the governor: “I think Cornejo is the best governor in Argentina,” he encouraged himself.

Lousteau flirts with PRO and radicalism.

“Voters know that when we mess up the state, we also mess up people’s daily lives and macroeconomics. In Mendoza that has been resolved, as in CABA. And that’s reflected in the polls,” he said.
“This election invites us to think that nothing is gained and nothing is lost at the national level” (Gerardo Morales, UCR).

In his turn, Gerardo Morales – who was recently re-elected as governor of Jujuy – opined that “the Mendoza people have supported a provincial project.” Asked about the effects that elections can have on national elections, he said that “October will be another election”: “We are seeing a different climate, although keeping our feet on the ground because August was a shovel. These results make you see to the Argentinian people that nothing is gained and nothing is lost”.How does this triumph modify the relationship of forces within Together for Change? For Morales, it doesn’t alter the essentials, but it weighs. “We are part of a common space. However, the truth is that while we get along with the PRO and the Civic Coalition, radicalism here.” In this note:

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