translated from Spanish: Vizcarra dissolves the Peruvian Congress “constitutionally” and calls for elections

Peru’s President Martin Vizcarra announced on Monday the “constitutional” dissolution of the Peruvian Congress and called for an electoral process to elect a new Parliament with the aim of ending the political crisis that he was confronted with the fujimorist-dominated opposition.
“I have decided to dissolve Congress and call congressional elections. This is a constitutional act,” Vizcarra said in a televised message after Congress decided to vote for the constitutional court’s election despite a request against the Executive.
The representative emphasized that the closure of the Parliament that he had “is within the powers contained in the Constitution and that “it seeks to end this stage of political entanglement that has prevented Peru from growing at the pace of its possibilities”.
He hoped that “this exceptional measure will finally allow citizens to express theself and define the future of our country through their participation.”
Vizcarra turned to the Peruvian people to tell him that in his country “history is being made and this moment will be remembered by the next generations”.
“When they do, I hope you will remember the magnitude of this struggle, which is against one of the endemic evils that has done so much damage to Peru and that has not allowed it to grow as it deserves and as we all Peruvians deserve,” he said in reference to his policy of combating corruption.
The ruler assured that Peruvians “will continue to find in this president a representative deeply respectful of the Constitution and always ready to fight the fight against corruption.”
Vizcarra made the decision after Congress challenged him and elected a new member of the Constitutional Court (TC) without discussing the question of confidence put forward by the Executive to try to stop that process.
The decision of the legislature, which dominates the Fujimorist People’s Force party, was made in the middle of a chaotic day, which at first hour included the presentation of the request for confidence by the prime minister, Salvador del Solar, who shortly before met the closed hemicycle doors.
Vizcarra had advanced this Sunday that if Congress did not proceed immediately with the question of trust requested, or previously continued with the controversial election process, the Government would act “with the Constitution” and dissolve the chamber.
However, despite protests from left-wing and liberal lawmakers, Congressional President Pedro Olaechea took to vote the candidacy to integrate the TC of the jurist Gonzalo Ortíz de Zevallos, who is his first cousin.
This candidacy won the minimum of 87 votes required, although later the leftist legislator María Elena Foronda reported that it was supplanted and her vote appeared to be favorable, so she announced that she would file a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office.
Following this process, Olaechea announced that the vote to elect the other TC judges would continue on Tuesday afternoon, and would dedicate Monday’s evening to discussing and voting on the issue of trust.
It was precisely the Members who were in the middle of a debate on this subject when the representative’s decision was known, which led to the abrupt completion of the discussion.
Soon, a group of Deputies opposed to Vizcarra launched a presidential impeachment project for “moral incapacity perma.

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