translated from Spanish: Resigned Chile’s ambassador to Argentina referred to his departure: «Difficulties are resolved internally»

President Sebastián Piñera again addressed the resignation of Chile’s ambassador to Argentina, Sergio Urrejola, as part of their visit to the national border with the trans-Andean country to inaugurate the new Border Complex Los Liber tamen. In this regard, the Representative thanked the lawyer for the job during the time he developed his work.» I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chile’s ambassador to Argentina Sergio Urrejola for the valuable services, commitment, dedication, dedication he provided. (…) He has submitted his resignation and we will wait for the elections in Argentina to be able to make a change of ambassador, but I thank him ambassador for his dedication, for his commitment, for his dedication,» he said. After Piñera’s words, Urrejola himself confirmed that the «President has asked me to stay until after the elections, I will be happy, I will continue to represent Chile, for me it is an honor. (…) I am not bothered, I am very happy, because we have also done a great job especially in the border crossings and in the relationship with the most important part that is the entrepreneurship and also the Argentine politicians,» he added. As for the difficulties he alluded to in last week’s resignation letter, Urrejola replied that «difficulties are resolved internally.»

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