translated from Spanish: Blumel after impeachment failure against Cubillos: «Justice was done»

«You are happy because the most important thing is that justice was done. It was an accusation that was accumulating cross-cutting voices that there was no merit. In political differences it is not appropriate for them to be processed through instruments as delicate as the constitutional impeachment, that is the first. And the second thing is that it is a triumph of good politics, of deliberation, of arguments, of the moderation of prudence and not of the crispness and of the bar brava. And that’s good for Chile.» With these words, the Minister-General of the Presidency, Gonzalo Blumel, celebrated yesterday in Congress this morning. «In the Chamber of Deputies a majority of wisdom and sanity was imposed where an accusation was rejected that we always said had no basis, that is what ratified the Chamber of Deputies.» In an interview with Radio Universe he noted that «the first thing to remember is that we have a minority in both chambers, then every time we start discussing a project or face an indictment like this we always go down and we have to deploy , to talk, to make arguments so that the positions that the government is pushing, which are part of our program, can finally move forward and that is a permanent and systematic work.» Obviously it’s a team effort involving the whole government, ministers and undersecretaries, and finally what was a very good defense, the lawyer did a great job, I think the arguments were persuasive and finally opposition parliamentarians who I claim courage, the courage to face a majority that often acts in a not very rational way. They managed to join this rejection which was clearly justified because there was no merit or foundation,» he added. Look at the debate at the end, what we were discussing, whether or not an email was sent, which was also validated by the Comptroller’s Office and the Transparency Council; of the tweets that got put on eventually, I think obviously that doesn’t make sense to people, moreover, I think people want to see us discussing what really matters as pension reform which is the most important thing and we hope it will be the central focus d and the Chamber of Deputies,» he said of the atmosphere in Congress.Blumel focused the speech on laws such as Sename reform, universal cradle room and budget. «Those are the issues that people are crying out to us to agree and move forward.» «From day one we opted for a path that was to generate agreements and instances of collaboration rather than confrontation, confrontation, it is normal for political conflicts to occur (…) but you don’t have to get caught up in that because the general tone is to build agreements.» We have built comprehensive pension agreements, tax reform, and we hope that’s what they’re saying because people are crying out to us for the ability to agree. There is a lot of nervousness in citizenship with this policy of permanent conflict and confrontation,» he said. The 4 projects «There are four projects that we believe are key and essential that Congress can dispatch them: Planned Reform, the goal, what the President asked us to do is that from January they start raising pensions, so we have to approve it this year; tax reform that takes more than a year and which I believe has been sufficiently discussed and is in the Senate in the second proceeding; and two central projects for us: the migration law that is ending its processing in the Senate and the reform of children and in particular the Sename Reform and universal cradle room, I believe that we have no right to postpone those debates any more» he said of priorities for the final stretch of the legislative year. Asked about the progress of the project 40 hours, Blumel noted that «people are confused in the meantime, we have our own project of labor modernization that takes charge of reducing the working day, we as the central objective of the program, has The President and is on the agenda, is to have more flexible days that allow work and family life to be compatible.» «In Chile there is a lot of work and there is little productivity and that equation we want to improve, that project is in the Senate, we will complement it with an indication to effectively move forward with a gradual reduction and also that is responsible on the issue of day, but today we have in that committee (of the Senate) the draft universal cradle and planned reform. We are interested in first moving forward with these top priority projects, we are working with this indication that takes over the issue, but first we must take care of the pensions, the universal cradle room and from that we are honing the studies and technical reports.» The minister said that we need to make a «difference from the other motion («40 hours») that has no basis, technical background or studies that is quite unresponsible, we want to do well and that will be when we dispatch the two core projects of our social agenda which are pensions and the universal crib.» On the progress of the project in the House, which is voted on at the end of the month, he noted that «the parliament is autonomous, it has the power to discuss projects when they deem it appropriate. I insist on one point: that is a project that is clearly unconstitutional, exceeds the powers of parliamentarians. Let us hope that wisdom will be a good one, it is in the first proceedings and we hope that in the debate, as in the constitutional indictment, wisdom and common sense will be a major.» Loyalties About the friendly fire inside CHV, Blumel said that «I believe that in this we have to be fair, there are difficulties but let’s be fair with Chile Come on, I want to defend and value the role of the coalition. He has been super loyal, he has always been on the projects, he has always been at the foot of the canyon, look yesterday in the indictment the 72 parliamentarians were there always supporting, defending vigorously and were fundamental for the accusation to be rejected and in all our projects the coalition has always been firm, cohesive, unlike in the previous legislature where Bachelet’s Planned Reform was rejected with votes from its own coalition.» I always say this when I talk to our parliamentarians, with bench heads, party presidents: I thank them and I recognize the role, they have the right to dissent to make their points, but always with loyalty as they have done so far, because ultimately in crucial moments, when we need to act with maximum cohesion and unity, our coalition has always been fine, it has always been cohesive and I as a minister of the Segpres thank you very much.» On episodes where official parliamentarians have distanced thecurrency’s stance as the 40-hour debate, Blumel replied: «This is not a regiment are professional adult politicians, with their eyes, vision is a diverse coalition that has four parties that is like the Chilean society that is more heterogeneous, diverse, but at the time it matters, the coalition is always cohesive and united.»

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